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Want to learn a new skill or take your acting to the next level - at the Bull we have lots of opportunities and more to come!

Susi Earnshaw Theatre School (weekend classes)

We offer classes in acting, singing and dancing on Saturday and Sunday mornings for 5 – 16 years from 9.30am – 1pm. (£22 per week). These classes are taught by teachers who teach in our independent school.  We aim for every child to achieve their personal best and have lots of fun.
We work to towards one show a year (Spring Term).  Susi Earnshaw organises the dancers for the East Barnet Festival and so any of our pupils who want to perform are given this opportunity.  Susi Earnshaw also organises the annual Barnet Christmas Fayre, so any pupil who wishes to can take part in the opening ceremony, along with our Mayor. 
Providing weekend classes for young people aged 5 – 16 years. These inclusive classes help to raise self-esteem and increase social skills of young people, many of whom are very talented actors. Some also get the opportunity to audition for professional work and several have appeared on the set of “Eastenders”.

“My teenage daughter has always struggled to make friends but she has found her tribe at The
Susi Earnshaw Theatre School classes. She can’t wait to go every Saturday and it is a joy to see

her so happy”. Megan Blackburn, Parent

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Curtain Up!


Curtain Up is a group for adults with learning difficulties who hold classes and shows at The Bull Theatre.

“30 people with learning difficulties love coming to the Bull to do various music and movement activities,

singing and dancing.  Each year a show is put on for their families which they absolutely love and

increases their confidence”.  -Caroline Cakebread, Class teacher

The Bull Theatre Players

The Bull Theatre Players are a community adult theatre group. Members of the group meet once a week to take part in drama workshops and work towards an annual show which they produce and perform in the theatre. Classes consist of members of the community from varied backgrounds and ages ranging from their early twenties to their nineties.  The Bull theatre players workshops bring joy, laughter to members of the community. Through the medium of theatre, classes offer local residents the chance to connect, free themselves of their inhabitations and meet like minded people in a safe and non-judgemental setting. 


Several members have become volunteers at the theatre working front of house and selling ice creams for the theatre shows. They have also been Involved in community projects including the Barnet Christmas Fayre.

Elders dance class


The elders dance class is a weekly dance class for over 50s. This contemporary dance theatre performance company, based at The Bull Theatre performs regularly in other community theatres, community centers and in schools. 


As one gets older many things in life deteriorate and the opportunity to join groups, attend local events and to be involved in the local community is intrinsic to good mental health and happiness and I would say that my involvement has been a very rewarding experience.

June Wharton - local resident.

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