Control Room
There is a Control Room located at the rear of the theatre, above the seating area, accessed by ladder/steps on the rear wall of the theatre.  It is open to the theatre (no glass windows).  It contains the lighting desk, dimmers, lighting "hard-patch" facility;  the sound desk, sound equipment rack, radio mic receivers;  a follow spot;  desk space for a Stage Manager.  Optionally, the sound desk can be relocated below the booth at the rear of the theatre behind the last row of seating.

Basic Lighting Rig:

There is a basic fixed lighting "rig" consisting of 18 fixtures.  These fixtures must not be moved or be un-patched from their IWB (LX bar) sockets.  They may be re-focused and re-gelled if required (but the standard gels must be returned to the theatre).
The stage is divided into six basic lighting areas:
Each area has three lights focused onto it.  Two 500w PATT123s, at roughly 45 degree angles, (one "cool" and one "warm"), plus one 1000w PATT223, focused straight-on (white, no gel).  Each light is on its own channel/dimmer, allowing full control.
Additionally, there are five circuits of side colour washes, 1000w PAR64s, in house positions, roughly even with the front of the stage.

Sound System

The basic house sound system uses a 24 input  Soundcraft LX7-II desk, feeding a stereo signal to two Mackie HD-1531 active 3-way speakers on either side of the stage, plus a 2-way speaker hung above the front edge of the stage, to provide "centre-fill".
There are three powered and four passive stage monitors available.
A 16 in/4 out multi-core snake runs from SL to booth.
All wired microphones, stands, and stage monitors are included in the basic theatre hire package.
Radio microphone systems are additional cost.
Comms (Intercom)
There is a single-channel, wired, Clear-Com "ring" system with permanent speaker/headset stations at the sound and lighting desks, plus in the dressing room.  Eight portable beltpack stations with a mix of single and double ear headsets ("cans") are available

Show Monitor

Theatre is equipped with a show monitor system that sends the dialogue from the stage to the dressing rooms and public areas.  There is no paging capability.

Technical Personnel

A technician is provided during get-in to assist your own lighting and sound operating personnel.  This assistance does not include special lighting and/or sound rigging or setup.  Professional lighting and/or sound technicians are an additional £35 per hour.


1 Zero 88 "Fat Frog" desk, DMX output
42 2.4kw dimmers (Zero 88 BetaPacks)
                  18 assigned to basic rig areas

16 Strand PATT 123 Fresnel, 500w
                  12 assigned to basic rig areas
13 Strand PATT 223 Fresnel, 1000w
                   6 assigned to basic rig areas.
16 PAR64-long, 1000w
                  10 assigned to basic rig side washes
2 PAR64-short, 1000w
4 PAR64 Floor Cans, 1000w
4 Strand Cantata Profile 26/44, 500w
8 CCT Minuette Profile 27/32, 500w
2 ETC Source Four Profile Zoom 15/30, 750w
2 Strand Acclaim Zoomspot 18/34;  500w
6 Strand Prelude F Fresnel.  500w
2 Microspot 208
4 Cyc/strip lights, 4 section; 500w (x4)

1 Mirror ball  (rigged above stage)
1 Strand T84 followspot  (in booth)
1 Smoke Factory TourHazer II
           (optional hire charge)


1 Soundcraft LX7-II  (24 In; 4 Groups; 6 Aux Sends)
1 CD player  (MiniDisk and Cassette also available)
1 Lexicon MPX110 reverb
1 Dual channel (stereo) 1/3 octave equalizer
2 Europower EP-2500 Power Amp; 500w/channel

Wired Microphones

3 Shure SM58
1 Shure Beta 58
4 Shure SM57
1 Shure Beta 57
1 Shure Beta 87A
6 Audio Technica ATM31A (condenser)
1 AKG D112 (kick drum special)
1 AKG D130 (omni-directional)
1 Yamaha MZ106
7 DI box

Microphone Stands

4 Tall Auto-clutch stands
8 Tall tripod-base stands
3 Short tripod-base stands
3 Short desk stand
4 Long boom
8 Short boom (adjustable)

Stage Monitor Speakers

2 Alto PS4HA (active)
1 Torque TM100P (active)
1 Torque TM100 (passive)
3 Eurolive F1520 (passive)

Radio Microphones

7 Sennheiser bodypacks (with headset mics)
4 Shure handhelds
Additional hire cost.  Contact for details

MISCELLANEOUS  Video projector (in booth)