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Fixation 2023 Summer Showcase & Awards Celebration

Tickets £12 plus booking fee

Fixation Academy of Performing Arts welcomes you to their East Finchley Academy end of year showcase and awards celebration.

Follow the Game Makers as they discover a glitch in the system that has created the Pollution Wizard - an evil wizard in the game, who is ready to destroy the game world completely. Can the game makers with the help of the Green Witch, overcome the Pollution Wizard and save the game before it destructs? 


Our summer showcase is made up of performances from all classes at our East Finchley Academy, ages 3-18, and is themed around Climate Change.


The Cover Is Not The Book
Monday 26 June

Tickets £12 plus booking fee

Once upon a time there was a group of Story Fixers, who all had magical powers. But one day their spells went wrong and all the stories got mixed up! What would happen if all your favorite stories suddenly came together? As the story fixers set out on their mission to right their wrongs they wander into other worlds, Narnia, Mary Poppins, Wonderland and the Land of OZ. Come with us on a journey to a mixed up land as we see if the Story Fixers can save their happily ever after.

Tickets £12 (plus booking fee)

The Bull Theatre Players present
The Italian Affair
Sunday 2 July 

Sunday 25 June  2.30pm

Our resident amateur company bring their own trademark style to this caper - fancy being a part of it and being on our stage then just let us know the Bull Theatre players are always looking for new members!

Tickets £12 plus booking fee

How About Seeing it in the Open Air!

Special Performance Sunday 2 July 3pm 
Tickets £12 plus booking fee
Susi Earnshaw Theatre School presents
The Magic Of  Musicals
Thursday 29 June 7.30pm
Friday 30 June 7.30pm
Saturday 1 July 7.30pm

Doors open 7
Book online, reserved seats
Tickets £15 plus booking fee


This end of year show takes you through the rich history of musicals with something for everyone!


Fortitude Dance Company 



Saturday 8 July
Sunday 9 July
Saturday 16 July
Sunday 17 July
Tickets £20/£17 plus booking fee


Please make sure you book the right night for your group!

8th & 9th 





15th & 16th 




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